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Healthcare Staffing Made Easy

The industry has changed a lot to cope up with current challenges in staffing.
Though we have adapted to fit in, our services only got better to serve you well.

Find Your Dream Job

Whether you are looking for Full-Time, Part-Time or Per Diem job,
we have various fulfilling assignments just for you.

Call us today at (908) 603-4900 to discuss your options.
Email and we will respond to you right away to answer any questions you may have. Or visit us in our office at 100 Jefferson Avenue, Floor 2, Elizabeth NJ, 07201 so we can get started on how you can land on that elusive dream job. With StaffPro Agency, your dreams are within your reach. 

Staff Skilled People

Whether you need staff for short-term or long-term contract, we have a pool of qualified and fully-credentialed staff for you.

Call us now about your staffing needs so we can confirm bookings of our skilled healthcare workers to your facility. We deploy highly-experienced, fully-screened and completely compliant healthcare professionals that you can rely on. Email for new and additional requests and we will respond with our confirmation in no time. 

How It All Works

We work hard so our healthcare clients’ critical staffing needs are fulfilled, and our healthcare personnel’s’ job satisfaction guaranteed.

Job Seekers

Join our Team of healthcare professionals on a mission to make a difference, while earning competitive rates in their chosen careers. Apply now for a Job and find your true passion and purpose.


Register with Us to experience the value of working with our dedicated team willing and relentless in finding competent staff to work for you. Contact us now to request for coverage or additional staffing.

Now Take A Rest

Sit back and relax while we do our magic of connecting right talent with right opportunities. We will reach out to you shortly.

Events - Open Houses & Job Fairs

You can also meet us in person at our scheduled events as we conduct
Open Houses and attend Job Fairs in different locations.

Our Advantages

StaffPro provides best staffing experience for both client facilities and candidates. 

Strategic Staffing

Access to vast talent pool of resources
Cover unexpected absences  and vacation
Fill in gaps and supplement staff shortage

Flexible Placement

Expedited hiring process
Various employment options
Advanced and accommodating schedule

Customer Testimonials

StaffPro has given me not just work but also purpose. Everyday I am thankful for my job and the ability to take care of people in the nursing home.

Mary - Certified Nursing Assistant

StaffPro is helping us a lot with staffing by providing us with reliable CNAs and nurses. They are very easy to work with and they always try their best to fill our needs even with our last minute requests.

Tina - Nursing Home Administrator

I love how StaffPro is able to offer me various assignments. I work full-time at a nursing home but they work with my schedule and give me advanced notice on open shifts that I can take. Working a second job at StaffPro is very simple and manageable.

Robert - Registered Nurse

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Cherry Hill, NJ

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Manhattan, NY

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Phone:  (908) 603-4907 & (908) 603-4909


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